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A dumping ground for my finished game projects. If you’re interested in my work you’ll be able to find information on each project on this website. These games are all made by me and are based more on personal interest than commercial viability. The way indie gamedev should be!

  • Exploding Cows in Space - sci-fi maze horror

Developing a new website for Context is shitty. Even my DAL is shitty. Shit is all over my code. #programming #webdevelopment #code

Been playing a bit with
Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect in Unity. Following some great blogposts from @KostasAAA I made a project that renders numerous meshes, does Frustum and occlusion culling (Hi-Z) and finally LOD's based on distance from the camera. #madewithunity #unity

Two-headed Giant, Tuesday evening. Notice the unsleeved revised cards. #mtg #magicthegathering #oldmenplayingoldcards

A stationary, circular object, which will kill you = saw blade. A timeless video game classic. #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev

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